Commercial Storage Needs

Refrigerators and/or freezers should be thoroughly dry and stored with doors slightly ajar. 

Bicycles and other metal items:
To retard rust, wipe all metal surfaces with a rag containing a few drops of machine oil.

Books and documents:
Pack books flat to protect their spines. Do not place boxes directly on concrete floors. Use packing to fill out empty pockets in the boxes. 

Bedding, clothing, curtains, drapes, and linens:
Clothing, curtains, and drapes should be stored on hangers. Wardrobe boxes may be purchased in our office. 

Dishes and glassware:
Place a layer of packing inside the bottom and at the top of boxes containing glassware. All glass items should be individually wrapped

Place a pallet, corrugated cardboard mat, or plastic sheet on the floor and stand sofas and mattresses on end. Disassemble beds and tables and wrap table legs in paper.

Holiday decorations:
Save the original cartons that contained delicate ornaments and pad the ornaments with packing paper or newsprint. Wrap strings of lights around a piece of cardboard before placing in a carton lined with packing paper.

Always Insure your goods in storage
The items you place in A Mini Self Storage spaces are the sole responsibility of you, their owner. Items are not insured by A Mini Self Storage. A good quality lock is the best way to ensure the safety and security of your belongings, regardless of any security system a storage facility may have.

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